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Wedding Crowns - Stefana

In the Orthodox Church, the Wedding Sacrament consists of two essential parts: The Betrothal, involving the exchange of the rings, and the Crowning. The crowning holds immense significance within the wedding sacrament. It is at this time that the bride and groom are crowned in unity, symbolizing that the couple is now king and queen of their household to rule with wisdom, justice, and integrity, which are duties that they pledge to God. 

Here at Dahlia,  we place great importance on our wedding crowns, wanting them to hold as much significance for you as they do for your wedding ceremony. Our goal is to present customers with a diverse selection of unique and traditionally inspired wedding crowns.  We take pride in offering a wide array of designs crafted from various materials. While we craft our own “Dahlia” crowns, we are limited to material availability and cannot offer all the designs available on the market through our shop. Due to this reason, we import many of our beautiful wedding crowns directly from Greece.

All of our crowns have a general diameter of 7". They are semi-pliable to conform to the heads of the bride and groom. Every set includes an attached ribbon measuring a minimum of 4 feet in length. Height differences between the couple shouldn’t be an issue.

It’s a common wish of the customers, that their candles and crowns coordinate for their ceremony. When possible, we take special care to assemble crowns and candles into convenient sets, as to fulfill this request. You can explore our range of candle and crown sets here.