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Favors - Bombonieres

Perhaps the tastier part of wedding and baptism traditions is the favors. (“Boubounieres with Koufeta” in Greek, “Bomboniera with Confetti” in Italian.) Favors are just a small and delicious way of saying thank you to your guests. It’s a small gift meant to show gratitude and appreciation to those who share your special day. Although favors are not a mandatory part of the celebration, people choose to include them as part of their special day to continue the tradition.

We recommend ordering your favors 2-3 months prior to your event date. However, we understand that last-minute events happen and a decision is made to offer favors, so we have much material prepared to make your order quickly.

Shipping is recommended at least one month prior to the event. If there is any problem delivering your order in time or an expedited shipping is needed, we will let you know.

To give you the freshest and safest Jordan almonds, our team carefully packages them in cellophane bags following food safety regulations. These cellophane-wrapped Jordan almonds are placed into our uniquely designed favors, ensuring great quality and taste of your “Thank You” to friends and family. Before shopping for favors, it is important to note that Jordan Almonds contain wheat and are NOT Gluten Free. Jordan Almond favors should be stored at room temperature. DO NOT PLACE THE JORDAN ALMONDS IN THE REFRIGERATOR.

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Traditionally favors have been made out of tulle-wrapped Jordan Almonds. Now, you can choose from multiple selections of fabrics, bags, pouches, and boxes to package and display your almond favors.

Depending on the favors, you have the option of choosing a charm or ribbon color of your choice. We offer different sizes of tags that can be added to the favors. The tags include the names and the date of the event. Our ‘Tradition’ tags include an explanation of the Jordan almonds. Tags may be ordered separately to add to your own favors.

It is important to note that for photographing purposes, we show our favors standing; some favors may not be able to stand on their own. Please consider this when shopping for your favors.

We know that making the favors yourself is a fun group activity to do prior to the wedding, so we offer some of our products in the DIY section of our website.