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We do not have a physical store. But if you are in the Naperville, IL (Chicago) area you can visit our workshop and see our products. To schedule a visit, please contact us. Let us know which products you are interested in seeing (or a general idea, for example: "wedding candles") and some suggested times you would like to visit.

Also, check out our Etsy shop dahliaWeddingBaptism!



Terry - Founder, CEO, Designer

Terry (Eleftheria or Ελευθερἰα) was born and raised in Hania, a seaside town on the Greek island of Crete. As a teen, she moved to the United States on her own and started a new life. With many close family members and ties still in Greece, she is very attuned to Greek Orthodox culture and traditions. With her husband she has raised four children, now all young adults.

She started her career as a surgical nurse, practicing for 20 years. Later finding herself drawn to more artistic pursuits, she worked as an interior decorator, silk-flower designer, and faux-finish and mural artist.


Fatima - Seamstress, Designer

Fatima has a passion for sewing, and is our head "sewist"; She sews both expertly and artistically! At an age of 8, her older sister began teaching her to sew. At 12, she began formal seamstress training under the direction of a neighborhood friend. She has sewn as a hobby all her life and makes some of her own clothes. She also loves expressing her creativity and craftiness through crocheting. We hope to employ more of Fatima's skills in our future products!

She was born and lived in Portugal where she was a high school math teacher for 15 years. In 2015, she moved with her husband and children to the US. Hobbies include biking, hiking and photography. She usually takes so many pictures of nature that she drives her family crazy. One of her favorite things about the US is the availability of volunteering work. With her fellow Portuguese speakers, she volunteers and raises money for a homeless shelter, the Hesed House. Fundraisers include selling homemade crafts!

Terry met Fatima when their daughters played together on the high school Ultimate Frisbee team.


Camila - Quality & Shipping/Receiving

Camila has an excellent eye to thoroughly check over products before she efficiently ships them out the door. She also receives and inspects all incoming shipments; and keeps the general shop area organized and stocked with supplies.

She moved to the US from Portugal when she in the 7th grade and still has the hint of an accent to remind us of our fortune of having this import! She is now in college studying psychology.


Sofia - Senior Designer

With her fellow Portuguese speakers, she volunteers and raises money for a homeless shelter, the Hesed House. Fundraisers include selling homemade crafts!


Marcia - Designer

Our newest team member, Marcia is quickly learning to make all the core products including candles and boubonieres. She has always enjoyed doing crafty projects including painting, decoupage and stainless-steel projects.

Born and raised in Brazil, Marcia moved here just 4 years ago and Dahlia is her first job in the US. In Brazil, she studied interior design and ran a dry-cleaning business. With her fellow Portuguese speakers, she volunteers and raises money for a homeless shelter, the Hesed House. Fundraisers include selling homemade crafts!


Caitlin - Website Manager

Caitlin is responsible for whipping our website into shape, clearly and creatively describing the features of the never-ending stream of new products.


Marina - Senior Designer

What can we say about Marina?? She does a bit of it all... shoots and edits product and action photos; manages Dahlia's social media; designs and makes products; and organizes and writes product instruction guides. Though she has the shortest commute, she is the one that is most often late to work. ;-)

She is studying Aerospace Engineering at the Iowa State University. She is a leader in the Aircraft Design Club and enjoys playing Ultimate Frisbee, traveling, and puppies. She views working at Dahlia as an "internship" on starting your own business.


Steve - Finance & Accounting; Operations

Steve, manages the finances of the business, keeping close tabs on all revenue, expenses and capital investments. He also assists on operations, building tools and stations to assist in the production process.


Scott - Chief Technology Officer

Scott brings years of experience in the high tech world of semiconductors, computers and consumer electronics. He is focused on getting our products in front of more potential customers and making the buying experience more pleasant and frictionless.


Maria - Senior Designer

As a senior designer, Maria is great at both creating new product designs and figuring out how best make them consistently with high quality.

In 2006, her husband's work brought the family to us from Brazil! In Brazil, she successfully launched and ran a book & gift shop for 13 years. And somehow she also found time to teach piano. In the US, she continues to teach piano and plays flute in a concert band.

Maria and Terry met as neighbors and volunteering with the Naperville Garden Club.


We are committed not only to bringing you the best products we can create but also the best information about Orthodox traditions

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