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Planning an Orthodox Baptism

Baptism Candles

Eastern Orthodox churches, including Bulgarian, Serbian, Russian, Antiochian, Ukranian, Romanian and Greek use candles during the sacrament of Holy Matrimony.

Choosing Your Candles

The light and purity of Christ are shown in the white color or beeswax material of the candles.  Here at Dahlia you will find that although most of our designs use the white, hand dipped candles, we also offer some in beeswax.

Most of our designs are created with a 24" lambada with two 17" candles to complete the set.  You will also find some designs with a 21" or 32" lambathes to provide a style for all.  

The most popular size main baptism lambatha stands 24" tall. This is the most wanted size due to its length, it is also very versatile in its decorating. Take notice in the fine designs of our 21" tall candles and the exquisite designs of our 32" lambathes as well.  Contact us to inquire if the design you like may be applied to a size candle of your choice.

Our candles are hand crafted with unique combinations of materials.  New designs constantly created. Most products ready to ship. 


'Ladopana' is a Greek word that has it's origin from two other Greek words - λάδι (oil) and πανιά (cloths).  That is exactly what is referred to when we are talking about the items used in the Orthodox Baptism.  The ladopana or oil cloths are meant to catch the blessed oil rubbed on the child during the Sacrament.  "The anointing with the 'Oil of Gladness' is a symbol of baptism as an act which heals our broken relationship with God". 

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Choosing The Ladopana

The ladopana usually needed during the baptism in the USA are: one bath towel, two hand towels, one sheet, an onesie/undershirt, cloth diaper/panties.  A bar of soap and a bottle for oil is also included in this grouping.  The ladopana are to be new, white/soft white in color as they signify the entirely new free from sin life that the child begins with Christ, and the purity of their soul.  Always confirm with your parish on the items needed for the sacrament.