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Baptism FAQs

Common Questions:

1. What is Essential for the Baptism?

 Set of Three Candles: Traditionally, the candles are provided by the Godparent(s).  One large lambada is to be carried by the Godparent and two smaller ones are to be carried by young children that will be going around the font.  You can have more than two smaller candles if more children or even grandparents would like to participate. These candles may be decorated in various ways making them unique to the interests of the Godparent or theme of the baptism.

 Set of Ladopana: The items that will be absorbing the blessed oil that will be rubbed on the baby during the sacrament. Included are two hand towels, one bath towel, one sheet, and undergarments. It is important that all of these items are white as they signify the entirely new, free-from-sin life that the child begins with Christ and the purity of their soul.

    1.  The Bath Towel and Sheet - After the baby is dunked in the baptism font, the Godparents will be ready holding the towel and sheet to receive the baby.  These items will absorb the excess, blessed oil rubbed on the baby.
    2.  The Undergarments - These are the first clothes that the baby will wear and they need to be white.  For ease of dressing the child, a onesie is a logical choice.  For older children, an undershirt with undies can be used.   As the towels and sheet, these items are also meant to absorb the blessed oil rubbed on the baby.  They also provide a small protective bearer between the oiled skin of the baby and the baptism outfit.  An oil liner cap for the baby’s head to absorb the blessed oil and protect the clothing of anyone holding the baby may also be used.
    3.  Oil Bottle, a Bar of soap and a Set of Hand Towels: The Oil Bottle is needed to hold the oil that is rubbed on the baby during the baptism sacrament by the priest and Godparents.  Because of its pure and natural state, 100% Virgin Olive Oil is recommended to be used in the baptism sacrament. The soap is used by the priest and Godparents to wash their hands once that part of the sacrament is done. Then the hand towels are used by them to dry their hands.
  1. Baptismal Cross with Chain: Traditionally, a gold cross is purchased by the Godparents. As they grow in their faith, they will wear the cross as a commitment to God and protection against evil. The cross is put onto the child towards the end of the baptism. Although not necessary, the cross may be brought to the church in a keepsake box for the child to keep.
    1. Baptismal Outfit: The baptismal outfit is usually formal and included shoes and socks. These outfits are usually sold with the accompaniment of a bonnet, hat, or other head covering. Although white clothing is preferred, it is not necessary. Please consult with your priest before picking the outfit to ensure that it fits within the requirements of your church.